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Learning Through Play

Smart Horizons ECE 120-0112 In-Service
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Online Course Description

Learning Through Play (1 hour / .1 CEU)

Tuition: $10.50

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In-Service Training Course Code:   ECE 0112

CDA Competency: Advancement of Physical and Intellectual Development [1 hour / .1 CEU]

Washington STARS Credit: Curriculum Development[1 hour]

Washington Core Competency: Content Area 2 Curriculum and Learning Environment  [1 hour]

 > Early Care & Education Professionals [1 hour]

  Oregon Core Body of Knowledge: Learning Environments & Curriculum [1 hour]


Training Type: Annual Continuing Education

Training Delivery Method: Online

Cost: Fixed

Session Length: 1 Hour

Amount: $10.50

Session Level: 2

Participants will have an opportunity to interact with the trainer/instructor: The student is encouraged to contact the trainer and other student support staff by email, Live Chat, phone for support and resources. Student support hours are 8 am until 9 pm, 7 days a week. Student forum and assignments provide the student with opportunities to share experiences, to engage with the trainer and other students, and to reflect on what they have learned. 

Audiences the training applies to: 

  • Family, Friend & Neighbor
  • School Age
  • Child Care Center
  • Head Start
  • Military
  • Tribal Nations
  • Family Home Child Care
  • Parents/Relatives

Language(s) used in training: English

Content Focus Group:

  • Pre-Kindergarten Children
  • Infants
  • School-Age Children
  • Toddlers
  • Preschool Age Children

Training Methods:

  • Audio-video with facilitation
  • Independent study with supervision

Description of Training Session: 

During the early childhood years, children’s focus grows mentally, physically and emotionally. This growth is naturally accomplished through play. Unfortunately, time for play could be at risk in childcare facilities due to the growing pressure on academic initiatives and standards. However, time for play does not have to be reduced in order to fulfill academic requirements; research demonstrates that learning in early childhood is best accomplished through play. Play is beneficial for developmental growth.

This course defines the term play and discusses different types of play. It also discusses the various reasons why play is necessary for children and the roles teachers perform when promoting learning through play.

Learning Objectives: 

  • RECALL the definition of play
  • RECALL different types of play
  • RECALL reasons why play is developmentally necessary for children
  • IDENTIFY roles teachers perform when helping children learn through play
  • IDENTIFY ways to promote learning through play-based activities


  • Introduction
  • Play in Early Childhood
  • Roles of Teachers
  • Promoting Learning through Play
  • Summary
  • End of Lesson Test


This is a self-paced course that and can be saved and resumed during any point. Assessment question and answer sessions during the course monitor the students’ progress, and support the student’s progression, and learning objectives. There is a test at the end of each course. The questions on the test are completely based on the materials covered in the specific course. The student must get 70% or better to pass the test. If 70% is not achieved, then the training system automatically takes the student back through the course to review the materials that were missed on the test. The student is then returned to the test to try again for a second attempt if needed. 







CEU courses provided by Successful Solutions Professional Development LLC are offered in partnership with Smart Horizons, and can be applied toward the educational requirements of a National CDA Credential or CDA Renewal as required by the CDA Council for Professional Recognition.

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Certificates are prepared 7 days a week.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Liked the audio

    Posted by Bethany on 20th Jan 2015

    Being able to listen to someone say the words as I read them helped me to remember the content.

  2. Very informative

    Posted by Brittany on 26th Sep 2014

    The training was very informative by giving many examples of how important it is that emergent, oral, phonological awareness is so important in the early years of a child.

    I will use some of these techniques in my classroom throughout the year to improve how important our A,B, C ' s are and how we can implement daily into our daily routines.

  3. Thank you for providing this course.

    Posted by Brittany on 26th Sep 2014

    I learned a lot from this course, and I will implement this in my planning activities, understanding the meaning of Cooperative-play with peers of adults..Independent-play of an individual..Active-Physical play..Constructive-building or making things..Fantasy-pretend play..Rule-based-events that have rules...you hear this all the time, but sometimes we as teachers need to be reminded a lot more then usual to the meaning behind what we do with children everyday. This course was very informative about how to increase children's vocabulary daily throughout play, giving them open opportunities throughout the day to enhance and gain knowledge of how to be creative in their fantasy play.

  4. Great Training!

    Posted by Hayley on 24th Jan 2014

    I like the audio and the pictures to help with the reading of the material. It makes it easy to understand and remember key points. This is a topic that I strongly agree with. Even though academics are important I do feel that play is the foundation for learning later on in life. It's important for teachers to understand there are many different types of play that can also promote different kinds of learning while they are young.

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