CDA Training 120 Clock Hours

 Instructor-Led eLearning (​Virtual Classroom) 

  • Virtual Classroom course curriculum is developed by Successful Solutions Training in Child Development Instructors
  • Free preview available by registering for the course and clicking on the "Free Preview" option
  • Coursework is presented online, there are no text books or additional materials to purchase for the training
  • Mobile friendly training platform
  • Fully automated course keeps track of your progress, and resumes you to right where you left off​
  • Progress through the program monitored by instructors and support staff
  • Online instructor interaction and feedback via discussion boards and assignments
  • Individualized and customizable approach to learning outcomes
  • Peer discussion boards for interacting with other students
  • Lots of resource links provided in all topics
  • Course content is structured to guide you through preparing the Professional Portfolio
  • Certificates are provided by email upon successful completion of each Unit
  • A letter of completion for the training is provided via email upon completion of all 8 Units 


  • This is the more self-paced option
  • Interaction with peers and instructor
  • The Virtual Classroom CDA training includes building the Professional Portfolio 
  • Course content is continuously updated and reflects current trends
  • Courses include resources and lesson plans to use in your program
  • The training platform has very little to no downtime due to maintenance or technical issues
  • Courses award early childhood education clock hours