CDA Virtual Classroom - Unit 7 (15 hours)

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Unit 7 - CDA Training Online

Washington Child Care Training


Our CDA program takes a holistic approach to the development of young children, from birth to the age of eight. Providing a quality education to future generations requires more than a love of children. Through the CDA Virtual Classroom, you will be introduced to academic concepts that include child growth and development, nutrition, child behavior, and curriculum, while developing the leadership skills that can make you invaluable in the field of early childhood education.
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Unit 7 - CDA Training Online

It is important to provide a variety of experiences to support children’s positive guidance. In this Unit, you will learn about the importance of evaluation as a way to know whether the curriculum that you provide to children in your classroom are successful and what aspects program need improvement. You will also learn about addressing children’s individual differences and what do to if you are concerned about a child’s development.

Unit 7: Observing and Recording Children's Behavior (15 hour)     
  • Infant/Toddler
  • Preschool
  • Family Child Care (Mixed-Age)
Washington STARS credit:    
  • Child Growth and Development (2 hours)
  • Interactions (3 hours)
  • Ongoing Measurement of Child Progress (8 hours)
  • Program Planning and Development (2 hours)

Unit 7 Agenda
  1. Introduction
  2. Unit 7 Description
  3. Unit 7 Agenda

Review Course Requirements

  1. Observing, Recording and Looking Ahead (4 hours)
  2. Teaching Tools for Classroom Management (4 Hours)
  3. Exploring Emotional Intelligence (2 hours)
  4. All Aboard: Creating an Inclusive Classroom (3 hours)
  5. Understanding Autism (2 hours)

Professional Portfolio Items
  1. CS III b Guiding Young Children’s Behavior
  2. RC V Record Keeping Forms
  3. CS V a Observation Tool

Wrapping it Up
  1. Unit 7 Review
  2. Evaluation Form

State Annual Training Approvals
This training may, or may not, meet annual training requirements in your state. Please provide us with your state, and any State registry ID number, and if we are able to record your completed training with your state, we will. In some cases, for annual state credit, you will need to submit the certificate to the appropriate registry and they may or may not award annual credit. The training is approved for the National CDA Credential regardless of whether annual continuing education credit is awarded. ​ 
Providing a State Registry number to us does not guarantee that your state will approve the training for annual continuing education credit. ​​​

CDA Credential Process Review

  • The CDA credentialing program is administered by the CDA Council at the Council for Professional Recognition, a non-profit organization whose mission is to “promote improved performance and recognition of professionals in the early childhood education of children ages birth to 5 years old.”
  • In addition to the 120 hours of training, you will need to put together a Professional Portfolio. The directions for the Portfolio are provided in the Competency Standards book that you order from the CDA Council. You will also need to have 480 hours of work experience within the three years prior to submitting the application to the CDA Council. Once you submit the application to the CDA Council, they will then send you an email to schedule your observation and CDA Exam. You will then contact a PD Specialist to schedule your observation, which will be at your program where you work. And, you will schedule your CDA Exam at a Pearson Vue testing center in your area. Once you have completed all of those steps, then the CDA Credential is awarded or denied by the CDA Council. For more information about the CDA Credential process go to  ​​​​​​​​