Entry Level Annual STARS

 s.t.a.r.s. training   

Entry level STARS are level 1-2 STARS courses that are easy to understand content, simple to navigate, and basic accountability.  We refer to these courses as Traditional Washington STARS training. You can easily identify Traditional Washington STARS (Entry Level Courses) because the course icon will be a GOLD color.

Tuition for the Traditional Washington STARS courses is $9.50 per hour of training. Or, $85 for the 10 hour STARS packages.

Who should consider the Entry Level STARS courses:

  1. Those very new to child care, with a basic knowledge and understanding of working with children.
  2. Those that have very limited computer skills, and need a simple training platform that is easy to navigate.
  3. Those that have a very basic ability to read the English language.
  4. And, those that have difficulties with taking tests or recalling details from a training.

How can the Traditional Washington STARS * Entry Level Courses be identified?

  • The course icons are GOLD.
  • The tuition is $9.50 per hour of training.

If you would like something a bit more challenging, with more comprehensive content, consider the following two additional options:

Mobile Devices: The Traditional Washington STARS courses MAY be mobile friendly. However, because every device is different, we are unable to guarantee compatibility.  

Our student support staff is unable to provide technical support when students are attempting to use an iPad, tablet or cell phone to complete an online course. Use of an iPad, tablet, or cell phone is at your own risk. 



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Traditional Washington STARS Online


apple2.pngThe Traditional Washington STARS Online training has been developed by Successful Solutions, and is designed to specifically address child care in Washington State. 

This training is a very simple technology and is intended for the entry level online student. The courses are easy to navigate and the content is basic. Each course has simple assignments which are submitted during the course directly to a trainer, the trainer replies by email to the student. 

If you are an experienced child care provider, you should consider enrolling in In-service STARS or Reach for the STARS courses.