Infant and Toddler Temperament

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2 Clock Hours of Early Childhood Education

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Infant and Toddler Temperament

2 Clock Hours of Early Childhood Education
Shy, boisterous, easygoing, or energetic, each child has a unique personality and disposition. This course examines the different temperament traits and types that caretakers will see in their classroom and offers suggestions for accommodating each of them. It also provides answers to common questions and concerns many teachers have in regard to temperament. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify characteristics for each temperament type
  • Explain the importance for knowing the temperament of each child in their care
  • List several ways to adapt their curriculum, classroom, and interactions to meet the needs of their students
  • Define the term “goodness of fit”

Washington STARS credit:  Child Growth and Development (2 hours)
CDA Unit 3: Enhancement of Social and Emotional Development (2 hours)

  • Infant/Toddler
  • Family Child Care (Mixed-Age)

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