Training Delivery Methods

We are pleased to offer TWO Online Training Delivery Methods to meet different learning styles for completing the CDA Training. 
  1. Nexport Campus ​E-Learning courseware provided in partnership with Smart Horizons. The Nexport Campus online platform is a fully automated, self-study training that is available 24/7.  These courses require a computer, they cannot be done on a mobile device. Full tuition option is $399. Pay-pay as you go option is based on a per module fee.
  2. Virtual Classroom: A unique approach to online learning!  Progress through the program monitored by a Virtual Classroom Coach.  Includes interaction and feedback with an online instructor, peer discussions, videos, and resources. These courses may be mobile friendly. Full tuition option is $385.00. One Unit-at-a-time option is $60 per unit (8 Units).




Nexport Campus CDA Training

cda-training-online-pay-as-you-go-one-module-at-a-time.png  save-cda-training-full-tuition-option-2.png CDA Renewal Training 45 hours 4.5 ceu


Annual In-Service CEU Courses 

Online CEU courses provided by Successful Solutions Professional Development LLC are offered in partnership with Smart Horizons, and may be accepted in Kansas to meet annual in-service training requirements. 

The Smart Horizons online child care classes listed below are approved in Kansas. Please be sure to verify that the courses that you select are on the list shown below prior to enrollment.
​This training cannot be done on a mobile device.
Effective Program Operation
Assessing Child Care Business Practices (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Assessing Child Care Programs (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Early Childhood Program Accreditation (.3 CEU/3 Hours)
Early Childhood Programs for Multilingual Children (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Environmental Safety (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Risk Management (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Staffing Child Care Programs (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Transitioning to Kindergarten (.3 CEU/3 Hours)
Working with Children with Disabilities (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Enhancement of Social and Emotional Development
Child Self-Esteem (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Childhood Anger and Anger Management (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Conflict Management for Children (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Guidance and Discipline (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Multiculturalism (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Praise and Rewards (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Special Care: Inclusion (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Stranger and Separation Anxiety (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Stress in Young Children (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Teaching Tolerance (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Commitment to Professionalism
Bloodborne Pathogens (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Child Abuse: Identification and Reporting (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Child Abuse: Physical Abuse Awareness (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Child Abuse: Sexual Abuse Awareness (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Computer Technology in Early Childhood Education (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Conflict Resolution for Adults (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Disability Laws Pertaining to Early Child Care (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Ethics and Ethical Behavior (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Finding and Using Resources on the Internet (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Introduction to Computer Technology (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Managing Your Child Care Business (.3 CEU/3 Hours)
Professional Practices (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Reading Prescription Labeling (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Sexual Harassment Awareness (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Stress Management (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Time Management (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Observing and Recording Progress and Behavior of Children
Assessing Childhood Development (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Assessing Children's Physical Development (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Behavior Management for School-Age Children (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Behavior Management for Young Children (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Bullying: Identification and Prevention (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Children's Temperament (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Documenting Children's Behaviors (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Learning Styles (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Positive Solutions for Challenging Behaviors (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Recognizing Levels of Social Play (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Using Portfolios in Early Childhood Programs (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Positive Relationships with Families
Cross-Cultural Communication (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Effective Written Communication (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Encouraging Parental Involvement (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Helping Children Cope with Grief (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Open House (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Overcoming Difficulties Communicating with Parents (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Relating with Parents (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Surviving Toddlerhood (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Working and Communicating with Families (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Safe and Healthy Environment
Child Oriented Spaces (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Childhood Obesity (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Health (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Health: Curriculum Development Tools (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Infant and Toddler: Health and Safety (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Nutrition: Curriculum Development Tools (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Principles of Child Growth and Development
Language Development (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
Stages of Cognitive Development in Infants (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Stages of Cognitive Development in Preschoolers (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Stages of Cognitive Development in Toddlers (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Stages of Physical Growth and Development in Infants (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Stages of Physical Growth and Development in Preschoolers (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Stages of Physical Growth and Development in Toddlers (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Stages of Social and Emotional Development in Infants (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Stages of Social and Emotional Development in Preschoolers (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Stages of Social and Emotional Development in Toddlers (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
Toilet Training (.2 CEU/2 Hours)