North Dakota


Training Delivery Methods

We are pleased to offer TWO Online Training Delivery Methods to meet different learning styles for completing the CDA Training. 
  1. Nexport Campus ​E-Learning courseware provided in partnership with Smart Horizons. The Nexport Campus online platform is a fully automated, self-study training that is available 24/7.  These courses require a computer, they cannot be done on a mobile device. Full tuition option is $399. Pay-pay as you go option is based on a per module fee.
  2. Virtual Classroom: A unique approach to online learning!  Progress through the program monitored by a Virtual Classroom Coach.  Includes interaction and feedback with an online instructor, peer discussions, videos, and resources. These courses may be mobile friendly. Full tuition option is $385.00. One Unit-at-a-time option is $60 per unit (8 Units).




Nexport Campus CDA Training

cda-training-online-pay-as-you-go-one-module-at-a-time.png  save-cda-training-full-tuition-option-2.png CDA Renewal Training 45 hours 4.5 ceu