Playdough: Building, Squishing and Mixing (ECE)

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2 Clock Hours of Early Childhood Education

New Mexico Child Care Training

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Playdough: Building, Squishing, and Mixing

2 Clock Hours of Early Childhood Education
Playdough, slime, gak, flubber. Call it what you will, playdough and similar materials are a staple ingredient in programs everywhere. Having dough of some sort available to children gives them plenty of opportunities for creative open-ended sensory play, but that’s not all! This course will help child care professionals and educators use playdough in new ways to expand and develop their program. Recipes, extensions, and new connections will be made for children birth to school-age.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify developmentally appropriate practices for playdough use
  • Explain the potential uses for playdough 
  • Analyze lesson plan examples for the use of playdough
  • Discuss new ways to use playdough and similar materials
  • Analyze different playdough recipes for potential uses and appropriate groups
  • Discuss math development and playdough play
  • Examine videos of playdough use in child care programs for supportive language and interaction

Washington STARS credit:  Curriculum and Learning Environment (2 hours)
CDA Unit 2: Advancing children's physical and intellectual development (2 hours)

  • Infant/Toddler
  • Preschool
  • Family Child Care (Mixed-Age)

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